Monday, March 8, 2010

It's my blog and I'll whine if I want to

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Now...on to today's post.

I'm more confused than ever. This may not shock those of you who know me, as confused is a state that's not necessarily new to me. But this time, I'm whining about it.

Got my Phoenix Rattler scores back. I haven't yet seen the complete list of winners, but I do know that in the mystery category, I placed 3rd out of 3. Bummer. However, this isn't the entry that's confusing. Well, it kind of is, because even though I placed last, the judge actually liked my story. She thought I had a strong voice and she liked the character. She just thought the voice was too playful for suspense. Let me insert here that the category was mystery-slash-suspense. There was nothing that specified how the tone should be. But, whatever. I can live with the fact that the worst she had to say was that it was too playful. And since that's the effect I was kind of going for, I probably won't change it much. Overall, I was highly encouraged by her comments. Even if I did place last out of the three finalists.

My other entry score really has me confused. Although I ended up placing 2nd out of 3, the final-round judge did not really, um, like my story. Dare I say she hated it? I won't go into what she didn't like about it, but I will say why it confused me. Several people have read this story. Most have loved it. A first reader for a major publisher raved about it. Crit partners (some published) have loved it. It scored two high-nineties scores in last year's Genesis contest. My mom absolutely adores it! OK, that one doesn't really count. But the overall consensus has been very positive.

Then this.

It would not be quite so confusing if I didn't admire this judge so much. She is well-respected in the industry and there's no question she knows what she's talking about. Everything in me wants to take her suggestions and feedback as gold and change everything she mentioned. But so many people have loved it as is.

So what to do?

This week, I'm mulling it over. My intention has been to resubmit to the Genesis this year. One low score knocked it out of the running last year and my ultimate hope is that it will final this time around. Oh - but did I mention that the Rattler judge happens to be the same person who will be judging the final round of my category in the Genesis? Oy... thinking she probably won't change her mind and suddenly like it in the next couple months.

Again...what to do? I basically have three options: Submit it as is, do a complete rewrite, or bag it all together.

So you see my confusion.

I am woman. Hear me whine.


Andrea said...

Hope you figure it out...soon. YIKES!!
Blessings, andrea

Marliss Bombardier said...

One of the men in my critique group posted an article from the UK that had several very famous writers giving their top 10 bits of advice for other writers. The best piece of advice I read (probably because I also struggle with others' comments) was "write what needs to be written." If you are happy with what you have written, if it was what needed to be written, keep it.

Karen Lange said...

Well, I can see your dilemma and I sympathize. Will pray for you. I say once the dust settles go with what your heart is telling you.

Sara Harricharan @ Fiction Fusion said...

Oooh. I hate that. The confusion, I mean. Praying you'll sort it out right for you AND your readers. ^_^ ((love your last line..heehee)

Dara said...

I wouldn't bag it all together or do a complete re-write. I mean I don't know what all she said about it that makes you think you have to re-write the entire thing. Can you maybe re-write some parts? Or is it the kind of thing that really needs an overhaul?

At the same time, it's one person. She may be well respected in the industry and all but she's not the sole gatekeeper.

I suppose that's how I see it. Especially if you feel your heart is telling you to keep it the way it is or only make minor changes.

Diana said...

You just whine away, that's what we're hear for!

I get your confusion... give it some time to settle in your heart and your mind. Then reread the MS with her opinion in the proper context - if you respect her professional viewpoint that is. If you need to tweak, keep the other "positive" reviews in mind while you do so as well... prolly clear as mud eh?

Keep us posted.

PatriciaW said...

I see your confusion.

Let some time pass. Then reread the comments. The voice in both stories is YOU. I would advise against letting anyone touch that. But if there are comments that make sense for you to incorporate, after some time has passed, use what helps you make the story better.

Not everyone likes everything, even if they are highly respected individuals.

Pam said...

Hi Lynda,
Just taking my time (whenever I can) going through your past posts. This one is a month old, so I am thinking you probably solved this dilemma. I was just wondering if you've read some fun mysteries by a newer Christian writer -- Sara Mills. They are both lighthearted and serious - a take-off on the old 40's PI movies and really fun to read. Moving about the Lord too. The character is called Allie Fortune, and the book title is something about "miss fortune" (I hate when I can't remember titles and if I leave here to look it up, I'll lose this comment... :) Anyway, your story sounds sort of in the same vein, and I thought these might encourage you in your own direction... There IS a place for light humor in a good mystery! :)

Lynda Schab said...

Thanks, Pam. I've heard of those books but haven't read them. More to be piled on my to-be-read stack. :-)