Thursday, June 10, 2010

Office Dreams and Recliner Reality

I used to have an office. Yes, I said "used to." My former office has now been dubbed as "my daughter's bedroom," the white walls now covered with lime green and turquoise. My desk, file cabinets, papers, and books have been moved to my daughter's previous bedroom, which was in the basement (do you blame her for wanting to trade?).

The problem is, I don't like the basement, either. Yes, it's completely finished, with nice carpet, drywalled everything, and even a bathroom with a jacuzzi tub. But besides the spiders and other creepy-crawlies that lurk down there, I love being upstairs where it's nice and bright, not to mention closer to the fridge.

To be honest, I don't really need an office. Most of the time, you'll find me in my favorite living room recliner, laptop...well, on my lap (see above photo). My work doesn't necessarily require a desk and I like it that way, although the piles of books and "stuff" surrounding my chair isn't all that attractive. But my chair is comfortable and is especially nice in the evening when I can multi-task by working and watching America's Got Talent at the same time.

However, lately I've really been fantasizing about having an office again. I dream of a nice corner desk and a couple of tall bookcases jammed with books, both fiction and writing-related, all within arms-reach. A window or two to provide daylight and a good view would be perfect. I'm thinking an office would make me more productive, too. There's something about sitting at a desk that inspires me to work. Sitting in my recliner for some reason tends to inspire my appetite more than my productivity (see my butt for proof). And since my discipline and productivity could use a good kick in the pants, an office might be just the key.

But even though I am itching for an office, I will not set up shop in my basement, as I'd be too distracted scanning the walls, floors and ceiling for bugs to get much done. For now, I will plop in my chair every morning (and afternoon and evening) and work from there. Not ideal, but necessary for now.


What about you? Where do you love to work?


Jeanette Levellie said...

Lynda: You look contented in your recliner with your trusty laptop. Many writers compose on the go like this. I wouldn't like the basement, either. Too far removed from sunshine and kitties.

I do have an office, since our son moved out ten months ago, and I enjoy my own space for creating. Perhaps if your daughter gets a place of her own someday, you will have your office back.

Happy Weekend,

Lynda Lee Schab said...

It will be a few years yet, but that's ok. And who knows? Maybe in a couple years she'll want her bedroom in the basement again. My 16-year-old son's bedroom is down there and he loves it (although he does tell me about the spiders he squishes. Ew.)

Mia said...

I agree windows are nice for writing. I love to look out at the rain or snow or sunshine :) I don't have an office, but I do have a desk, bulletin board, and a little bit of storage space in my bedroom. I've named that my writing space.

But honestly? I write when I can and where I want. Sometimes that's downstairs in the living room or dining room. Sometimes it's on my iPod Touch on the way to work (uh, but not me driving at the same time. LOL), or waiting in line somewhere. I can write basically anywhere. Unless someone's looking over my shoulder. Then I close the document and give up ;)

Susan said...

Hi Lynda....Totally agree on the cellar office being unappealing. My husband's man cave is in the cellar and there, also, is the computer I use to do my posts. Alas, it is NOT dry walled. And yes, I look for creepy crawlers all the time (usually don't find any, though, thank God). But this is NOT my favorite space. I have an upstairs office with windows on two entire walls but I don't have a good laptop up there. Ahhhhhh, such is life. (Does anyone have a spare laptop they don't want anymore? ha! ) Susan

Diane said...

It's nice to have the structure of an office but the flexibility of the recliner. Hope it works out for you! :O)

Unknown said...

At our downstairs computer where I have a great view of our deck and the woods beyond! Bright light makes it easy to work and it's still close enough to the kitchen to drop by for regular snacks! Hope you get your office! Enjoy your weekend!

Lynda Lee Schab said...

Sounds lovely, Maria!

Chris Bosker said...

I used to work in my basement, which was actually more conducive to working for me than being able to look out the windows. I get distracted easily and the no window, finished wall look provided a better atmosphere. Writers, though, need creativity, which I think your recliner can provide (for now anyway).

Donna Perugini said...

My husband pointed out a commercial on tv and said, "That's you." This guy is sitting in a recliner with his legs up and computer on his lap.

People in his life then come in and take him out of the recliner..(one on each leg and one holding him under the arms)...with his laptop and bring him back into their lives. The funny thing was his body kept the 'laptop/recliner' position even though he was not in the recliner.

Long story short...yes, I spend time in the recliner just like you. Then I shift to the dining room table. It's a 'back and forth' ballet.

The good part is there's lots of light in the great room where it's all happening. I'm included in all of life by being there.

The dining room table is covered with ceramics and children's books I'm working on plus gum wrappers and ice tea.

~Jan said...

Far left cushion of my couch, with a TV tray and an end table nearby to hold my glasses, a note pad, and something caffeinated to drink...glad I found your blog this morning, Lynda. I'll be back.

Pat Guy said...

Your office looks like mine! (tehe) I don't see the remote showing though. (double tehe)

But I also have a couple of windows to see trees, birds and sky so I'm all set up!

Now, if I would only work and not play. (no tehe's here) ; )

And hey, would you mind stopping by my blog and giving me a click? I see you on my Networked Blogs but not the regular one. I very rarely check Networked.

I see you're going to be busy for the summer. Hope your comfy office chair doesn't get cold!

Hugs ...

Lynda Lee Schab said...

Pat, the reason the remote is not in sight is because it's probably in between the couch cushions where my kids always shove it. Argh!

Pat Guy said...

Thanks Lynda for the input. I figured I would have to change the beginning, and maybe put "the light of Heaven" instead of "Presence" and rework a few other things I could submit it.

Definitely going to try!

And thanks for the click but I kind of meant that I see you as a follower on Networked Blogs but not on Blogger. Do you just use Networked? The Google Reader? Maybe there's a better system than what I'm using to see who I follow.

And did you see you can automatically post Networked to Twitter? I'm not there much but some of you use it.

But thanks again Lynda, that means a lot to know Ebony Wings is something that can be published -- for money! tehe

Hugs again ... : )

Pat Guy said...

: ) Thanks. Felt kinda lonely there without your beautiful face on my page!

Nishant said...

I wouldn't like the basement, either. Too far removed from sunshine and kitties.
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