Monday, December 6, 2010

Giveaway: Week #11 in the 12 Books of Christmas: A Woodland Christmas

Book #11 in the 12 Books of Christmas may look a little familiar. That's because it was also Book #1 in this year's 12 Books of Christmas. Author Janelle Mowery gave away the first copy and now Darlene Franklin, one of the other authors of this delightful Christmas novella collection is the featured giver-awayer. So for the 28 of you who entered to Win A Woodland Christmas that first week but didn't win, you now have a second chance. And for those of you who either weren't checking out my blog 10 weeks ago or didn't get a chance to enter that one at all, here you go!
Good luck!
And now for a blurb about this delightful Christmas novella collection: 

 Four couples carve a niche for love in the Piney Woods of East Texas. An itinerant woodcarver moves from town to town in the woodlands, delivering “sawdust sermons” that hold even more value than the furniture he crafts. Will the advice he dispenses help four couples find their way to the miracle of love at Christmas? In my novella, The Face of Mary, Mary “Polly” Jessup holds onto a promise of marriage made five years ago, but when Joseph “Joey” Carpenter returns from law school with a new outlook and new girlfriend, her future hopes are dashed.
Award-winning author and speaker Darlene Franklin recently returned to cowboy country—Oklahoma. The move was prompted by her desire to be close to her son’s family; her daughter Jolene has preceded her into glory. Darlene loves music, needlework, reading and reality TV. Talia, a Lynx point Siamese cat, proudly claims Darlene as her person. Darlene is the author of fourteen contracted books and novellas, as well as several hundred short pieces. Two of her books have finaled in ACFW’s Book of the Year (now the Carol award) contest: her novella, Dressed in Scarlet, and her cozy mystery, A String of Murders. Visit Darlene's blog at:
I asked Darlene to answer my fun Holiday Questionnaire. Here are her answers:
Favorite Christmas carol:  Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

A family Christmas tradition:
I always enjoy going to see Christmas lights with the family. We revisit some favorite ones but as often as not just wander through residential neighborhoods looking for houses with lights.

A memorable gift you've given or received:  My most memorable “gift” came from God Himself, early in my marriage. We had a working stove top but no oven, so we had no way to work. Somehow, out of thousands of entries in a drawing by the local newspaper, we won—a microwave. It made life so much easier. Than my sister-in-law’s mother invited us over for a “real” turkey. Wonderful!

Favorite Christmas television show or movie? Oh, my, there are so many! The Christmas after my daughter died, Mom and I watched Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel every night during December. They helped us through a difficult time.
But it would be hard to beat The Homecoming (the first Waltons’ story) or the 1930s version of A Christmas Carol.

When do you start your holiday shopping? I shop all year. I used to shop mostly at the end of the year, but not any more. At the moment I’m about halfway there.

Ever been kissed under the mistletoe? You want me to kiss and tell? Unfortunately, no.

Do you deck the halls in style or keep it simple?  Simple. I love putting up a tree, because every ornament tells a story. This year I picked up a few ornaments during my trip to Texas, and I need to find a “grandchild’s first Christmas” for my grandson!

What food do you overindulge in during the holidays? Chocolates, which turn into migraine headaches. Groan...


To win a copy of A Woodland Christmas, leave a comment on this blog post. Be sure to include your contact info.

Contest ends at midnight, Friday, December 10th. Winner will be announced in a brief post on Saturday. 

**Contest disclaimer: Void where prohibited; open only to U.S. residents. Odds of winning depend on number of entrants.**


Sandee61 said...

I'd love to read A Woodland Christmas. Thanks for the nice interview with Darlene and for the entry in your contest. I enjoy learning about our authors, and such fun questions too.

Holiday Blessings,


Vonnie B. said...

I love this interview and am drawn to this author. I identify with her desire to be near her kids/grandson, and, unfortunately her migraines with the chocolate. I envy her organization and keeping-it-simple Christmas doings. I would love to read her stories

CarolNWong said...

I love to read the sawdust sermons from the traveling woodcarver. This should be just an interesting story.


Joanne Sher said...

This one sounds LOVELY (like it did 10 weeks ago LOL). Please enter me :)


karenk said...

thanks for the chance to read this wonderful christmas story :)

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Caroline said...

Sounds wonderful. I'd love to win the book. Enjoyed the holiday interview too. What fun, Linda.

Carole Brown

Wendy said...

Wonderful interview. :)
I love Christmas stories.
Please enter me into the drawing.
Thank you for the chance.

Darlene Franklin said...

Vonnie, you're buttering up the author! Thanks to everyone for stopping by.

Susan Page Davis said...

Cute interview. I enjoyed the personal comments. Thanks, Lynda and Darlene.

Darlene Franklin said...

Susan, thanks for coming by. Did you learn anything new? (Susan is my crit partner)

rbooth43 said...

I also love Chocolates and sometimes cause migraine. Oh. so so good-the chocolates, not the migraine.
My favorite Christmas Carol is Silent Night.
A Woodland Christmas would be a timely read.
Happy Holidays to Darlene and all commenters!
God Bless everyone!

holdenj said...

I think I'd enjoy Woodland Christmas, thanks for the info and chance to win. I'm glad you shop all year, I try to, but still wind up in a crunch at this time of year!

Darlene Franklin said...

I see several of us identify with the chocolate-migraine dilemma. Sigh. It's worth it, for a day or two. So speaks someone who doesn't suffer from serious migraines, at least very seldom.

misskallie2000 said...

I love Christmas stories and would love to win A Woodland Christmas.
Thanks for the great interview and stopping by to chat with us.
I have to watch caffine, which is in chocolate because of my heart but also get headaches I think are more like migraine when I eat chocolate. Never really connected the two. lol.. So much for old age..I feel like I am falling

Thanks for this opportunity to enter the giveaway.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

Jo said...

Thanks for the chance to win this book. I enjoy reading Christmas stories and this sounds good.


Darlene Franklin said...

So chocolate migraines strike again ... Thanks for coming by, Kallie, Jo.

misskallie2000 said...
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