Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a White Calendar

So how many of you out there have an empty calendar? Go ahead and check. I'll wait.

OK, so it's not completely empty. But look again. Are there any blank days? Even one?

I didn't think so.

I love love love the holiday season, but man, it's busy! Between school Christmas concerts, decorating, shopping, wrapping, baking, parties, and church activities....then throw in a few dentist appointments and my calendar looks like one big blob of ink.

I don't mind being busy, and of course the festive atmosphere of the season provides plenty of energy to "do it all," but once in a while I dream of a more relaxed holiday season, where my days consist of turning on Christmas music and sitting in front of the lit-up Christmas tree with my mug of hot chocolate and a good book.

Then there's my writing. Finding extra time to write and do my freelance work is extremely challenging in December. I currently am collaborating with three other authors on a novella collection that we hope to submit by Tuesday, and I have three book reviews due by Wednesday (and I still need to finish reading two of them!). Unfortunately, there's not much space on my calendar to pencil in the work. I have wrapping and baking to do for an all-day Christmas party tomorrow, have church and family stuff on Sunday, I work at the consignment store on Monday, and have my Bible Study Christmas party on Tuesday.


Oh, I'll get it all done. I just may have a few less hairs on my head by this time next week, which is really scary considering that just a few days ago, I had a moment of courage (after weeks of "bad hair days") and got my length chopped off.

Anyway...needless to say, sometimes I neglect to find time for the most important stuff. Like considering the why December is so busy in the first place. Reflecting on the Jesus' birth - the reason we spend a whole month decorating, shopping, wrapping, baking, and celebrating. The nice thing is reflecting is something that can be done while baking, wrapping, decorating, driving, and shopping, so I have no excuse.

I'm thinking, though, that perhaps Time for Reflection or Celebrate my Savior is the first thing that should be penciled in (make that big, bold markered in) on my calendar. Maybe everything else should be penciled in around that one essential and on-going activity. I suspect that not only would my stress level decrease, but I might even find myself with unexpected chunks of time - to write, to work, or even to sit in front of the Christmas tree with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book.

What about you? How do you find balance through the holidays? Do you "write off" writing during December or do the holidays inspire your creativity?


Diane said...

I seem to be too busy right now to write, plus we're one computer down s squeezing in the time seems to be impossible right now. :O(

Diana said...

Love the blog title! I have too many deadlines to "write it off," but I'm feeling my thoughts are all scattered and my creativity is a bit... drained at this time of year. Thanks for giving some gentle reminders, girl... :)

Sally said...

It is a common complaint, I've found reading through the blogsphere, that so many of us share. Here is my answer:

I will admit by taking the time to be still I have been less rushed and feel more peaceful. I have also cut back on some of the baking, shopping, wrapping and decorating, but I'm at peace with that too.

Wishing you peace in the holidays.