Thursday, April 28, 2011

Temporary Insanity

No, that's not a photo of myself, but it's what I feel like lately.

About three weeks ago, I took on a temporary job. I did it mainly for the money, to pay for my son's film camp this summer (a very cool but expensive Christian film camp). So, two or three days per week, I, along with a team of about 8 other people, work in a warehouse, repricing items that were priced wrong initially by the company. It's monotonous. It's pretty boring. It's physically tiring. But honestly? I love it. I love it because as a freelancer who works from home, my mind is constantly working overtime. It's nice to be able to give the creative side of my brain a rest, if only for a couple days a week. And it's doing my body good, too. Standing and moving my entire arms burns a few more calories than sitting and wiggling my fingers over a keyboard.

However, as expected, my fiction writing has suffered. At the moment, I refer to my life as temporary insanity. Spring is crazy enough as it is, with the end-of-school activities, planning a neighborhood garage sale, and one wedding and 13 family and friends' birthdays to celebrate (plus Easter and Mother's Day). Throwing an extra job into the mix has been a challenge. I get my freelancing done, but add words to my WIP? Not so much.


I hold onto the fact that there will come a time when I'll be able to focus more on my fiction again. For now, I'm doing what I have to do. And praying. A lot. Is there really anything else I can do?

What about you? Are you finding time to write lately?


Lisa Mikitarian said...

It's not so bad if you focus on the temporary half of your title! My mother-in-law helped me put my own insanity into perspective a few months ago. When I told her everything that was going on, she became wistful. She told me she remembered those days--they were glorious. Now she's alone (self-imposed) a lot of the time, with very little to do. Believe it or not, it made me grateful for the craziness in my life.

May your T.I. give you joy!!!!!

Love You,

Joanne Sher said...

Funny you should ask. I've had a couple of weeks of INSANITY, just like you. Haven't touched my WIP in a couple weeks - but I have HOPE that next week - or the week after - will be better.

Praying, sweetiepie!

Lori said...

I starting substitute teaching for similar supplement my writing habit. Unfortunately, I got so busy subbing I didn't write.
I had a new baby so I've backed off the subbing and am finding my creative juices starting to flow again.
Glad to know it's not just me...writing is always a challenge.

Susan said...

Hi Lynda...I'm not finding as much time as I'd like to write, that's for sure. The days seem to fly by in a flash. But any time I DO write, I find joy beyond description. Sincerely, Susan

Lynda Schab said... true! You're absolutely right. Gotta focus on the temporary part. (This, too, shall pass...)

Jo...prayers for you, too!

Lori...congrats on the new baby! That outranks everything else, including writing, but it seems to be sparking some creativity, too, so that's great!

Susan...continue to find joy in those precious moments - as few & far between as they may be.


Diane said...

No.... hanging head, I have not. Need to get back into a better routine! :O)

Dayle said...

Lynda, this made me smile. Not because of your dilemma, but because of being in the same spot several years ago, only I was working full-time. Then, something happened that changed my life. My husband and I retired and I thought about all that spare time I would spend writing. But I lost focus and began doing everything but writing. And then I decided I wasn't sure I ever wanted to work as hard as writing required again, and I didn't miss those dreaded deadlines either.

I've since settled into somewhat of a routine with my writing, but I must say I'm writing a lot less now than I ever did when I worked full-time, so .... I guess just see your predicatment as a sign of life, and as Lisa said, focus on the "temporary" part of it.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Linda -

One thing working does for me: it creates discipline. I no longer fritter away minutes, but make use of them. Deadlines have this effect on me.

It takes time and ingenuity to prioritize and re-shuffle your schedule. Everything will fall into place.

Susan :)

Pamela Hamer said...

I haven't written in months. I have a busy life but to be truthful I do watch a lot of TV, so I could write but my husband makes comments when I'm focused on writing. I relate to what Dayle said about not being sure that I want to invest all the time in it. I must say I do miss it and think about it daily. Learning the craft is a bit overwhelming to me as well.