Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Birthday Surprise

So Tuesday was my 29th birthday.

Give or take a dozen years or so.

No, I won't tell you my real age, but I WILL tell you what I got for my birthday. Actually, I'll let the picture do the talking. Take a look:

I know, right? A KINDLE! (squeal!)

 Exactly what I've been wanting since forever. I'm trying to decide whether I'm more surprised to have gotten something besides gift cards (which I love receiving, by the way) or that my husband actually listened to my (gazillion) hints about wanting a Kindle. He really did surprise me, which I didn't think was possible.

But, WOW, am I one happy camper!

I hope to play around with it while I'm working my garage sale (bleh) today and tomorrow. Can't wait!

Do you have a Kindle? Do you love it? What is your favorite feature? Any tips to pass along?


Joanne Sher said...

ENJOY ENJOY!!! I love my husband's Kindle ;) Love yours too.

Susan said...

Happy Late Birthday, Lynda. I KNOW it was a happy one, with your new Kindle. Congratulations. Don't have one. Susan

Ralene said...

eeeek! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Kindle. I use it all the time (though I haven't given up paper books completely).

Happy Belated Birthday!

Karen Lange said...

Fun! Happy Birthday! I don't have a Kindle but am thinking about getting one for my husband for his bday this summer. And then I may have to borrow it of course...:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

I don't have a Kindle yet, but I need something soon. Traveling with 4 novels gets HEAVY! :)

Hope you love it!

Cheryl Linn Martin said...

Yay, Lynda! I don't have one yet. Kinda hoping by the time I get one they'll be in color. : )

Looks like you had a great birthday.

Lynda Lee Schab said...

Have been playing around with it and know I'm going to love this thing. Have purchased a devotional and a fiction book so far, plus got a couple of free games included, which is fun.

Hubby done good. :-)

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