Friday, September 16, 2011


I thought I'd start something new and fun this week. Every Friday, I'm going to post "The Friday Five." This "five" can be anything from 5 things I've learned this week to a writing-related list of 5 ways to bring your character to life. Anything goes! I hope you'll jump in on the fun.

For my first Friday Five post, I thought I'd list  5 of my favorite fabulous authors. Notice, I didn't say THE top 5 favorites. I have way too many favorite authors to choose the top 5. But these authors are ones I have read recently, most are relatively new to the publishing scene, and all have writing styles I love.

So here you go.

1. Christa Allan - Walking on Broken Glass was one of the best books I read last year. Christa's voice is fresh and funny, but she also knows how to weave a wonderful story and pack a punch with her message without preaching. I am currently reading her sophomore novel, The Edge of Grace, and a review will be posted on next month. If you like books that deal with difficult issues in a real way, check out Christa's books. You're guaranteed to become a fan. 

2. Ginny Ytrrup - Ginny's debut novel, Words, came out this year and I was blown away. It wasn't just the plot that cinched it, but the characters Ginny created jumped off the pages and into my heart. Eagerly awaiting her next book, Lost & Found, due out in February.


3. Marybeth Whalen - Another "newer" author I recently discovered when I read her second novel, She Makes it Look Easy, for review. Wow. Loved it! Again, tough issues, but done with such excellence and grace. As soon as I get some extra time, I'm going to read her first novel, The Mailbox, which I've heard is wonderful, as well.

4. Julie Carobini - Author of five novels, all with beach themes (Chocolate Beach, Truffles by the Sea, Sweet Waters, A Shore Thing, Fade to Blue), Julie has a special gift of providing a fun and beautiful escape from every day life (Hey...a life at the beach trumps mine almost every time!). If you haven't read any of Julie's books, what are you waiting for? The beach awaits!

5. Catherine West - Quick plug for my former critique partner. Cathy's first novel, Yesterday's Tomorrow, came out in March and I can't talk it up enough. Gritty and witty, she's definitely an author to watch. The 49 4-star+ Amazon reviews (45 of them 5 star!) says it all.


Hope you take time to check out my recommended Friday Five Fabulous Authors!

Have an awesome weekend!


Julie Arduini said...

Walking on Broken Glass was one of my Kindle reads this summer and is tied for my favorite read this year. Amazing. I'm also a Julie Carobini fan. The other authors are new to me, I can't wait to check their work out. Thanks, Lynda! Thinking of you with conference and praying it is amazing for you!

Jessica R. Patch said...

I loved, loved, loved Walking on Broken Glass. I just finished the Edge of Grace with my book club. I have some of the others in my TBR pile which mounts each day!

Lynda Schab said...

Thanks so much, Julie. I appreciate the prayers. :-) If you don't love the other recommended authors I listed, you can hang me by my toes. They are awesome! :-)

Diane said...

I have not read any of those books! Looks like a bunch of goodies! :O)

Joanne Sher said...

Oh - GOTTA get some of these! And I love your "Friday Five" idea. LOVE it!

Kim Russell said...

I read "Walking on Broken Glass" earlier this summer. Talk about a whirlwind story. It intrigued me as well as overwhelming me at the same time. Good stuff.

Angie Vik said...

I read Walking on Broken Glass this summer and really liked it. It stayed with me for awhile. Thanks for the other recommendations.