Thursday, September 8, 2011

Free books for my Kindle...could it get any better?

You may or may not remember that back in May, I received a Kindle for my birthday. And I love it! I now have a whole library of books at my fingertips no matter where I am -- in the car, on an airplane, or snuggled up under the covers of my bed.

Yes, I love the look of book-lined shelves. There's something about the feel of paper between my fingers. I enjoy the scent of a brand new hardcover. That will never change. I'll always own dozens of "real" books and will still buy them from my local Christian bookstore, to support Christian retailers and my fellow authors.

But I sure do love my Kindle!

One of the biggest reasons I love it so much is because about half of the titles I've downloaded (or is it "uploaded"?) were free. I adore a bargain, especially when it comes to books! Many of the titles I've gotten for free normally sell for around $10. I'm not against spending ten bucks on a good book, but when I can get it for free? No-brainer.

Last week, my friend (and fellow Hartline agented and soon-to-be-published Oak Tara author), Suzanne  Hartmann, started "Freebie Friday" on her blog. Suzanne listed a bunch of free Kindle titles currently offered on I personally took advantage of books by Janice Thompson, Jody Hedlund, and Stormie O'Martian. Here's the link if you'd like to check it out: I'm not sure if they are all still available, but most likely you'll find a few. I believe Suzanne is planning on posting another list tomorrow, so be sure to bookmark Write This Way. She's providing a great resource.

In the meantime, you can visit the Amazon Kindle Store and search for free ebooks yourself. Simply bring up the category by price, lowest to highest. All the freebies will show up at the top.

So for those of you who have a Kindle, what freebies have you taken advantage of lately?


Kim Russell said...

I've never done freebies...maybe I should check it out!

Kim Russell said...

I've never done freebies...maybe I should check it out!

L'Aussie said...

Thank you so much for this Linda. I've checked out Suzanne's blog and am following her as well as doing a post like yours.


Demon Llama #1299 said...

This is fantastic. I am an avid reader and love my Kindle. I have only downloaded the freebies of the classics from Amazon such as Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Island, ect.

I was just surfing through blogs when I hit yours and I am happy I did. Following you and Suzanne's blog now. Loving the fact that the free books so far look interesting can't wait to get back into my reading.

Lynda Schab said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the follow, L'Aussie and Demon Llama. Happy reading!

Kim...I think you should definitely check it out! Free is so much better than having to pay. :-)