Friday, November 16, 2012

Get Busy and Rest!

I'm currently making my way through Joyce Meyer's latest devotional, Trusting God Day by Day. Today's entry was titled "Stop and Smell the Roses" and hit my heart's target this morning. This is the takeaway she ends with:

Are you in a hurry? If you want to be at peace with yourself and enjoy life, you must stop rushing all the time. Trust God to give you the grace, energy, and the time to do everything you need to do at a pace that allows you to enjoy the journey.

Okay, so I don't leave the house every day for a 9-5 job. I don't leave the house for a "job" at all. I stay home, most of the time in sweats and a sweatshirt, and am glued to my computer all day. Yes, sometimes I waste time playing dumb computer games or chatting with friends, but the truth is, in spite of those few who think I sit home, watch soaps, and eat bon-bons all day, I'm busy. When I'm not working on freelance assignments from clients, I am marketing, blogging, and trying to make some sort of headway on my next novel. On top of that, I am involved again this year in my church's Christmas musical, How Christmas Saved the Grinch, which I had the honor of co-writing. We expect more than 20,000 people to attend this year, so it's no small production. And of course, this is all in the midst of my daughter's ridiculously crazy marching band season (with trips to State and Nationals for all of us), and the ridiculously crazy holiday season. Plus, my family actually expects dinner once in a while.

I don't say all that to complain about how busy I am (well, maybe a little). I know I am no more busy than any other woman out there. My biggest question is:


I really want to know...How do you find time to rest? And I'm not talking physically. I sit on my butt most of the day, but my brain is working quadruple-time. How do you shut that off? Confession: often when I sit down for my devotion and prayer time, I have to consciously refocus my brain at least eighteen times during the course of a half hour, as it veers off into a hundred different directions of everything I have to do. Not only is this frustrating, but the guilt starts piling up on top of it. Please...I can't even take a half hour to focus my attention solely on my Savior? 

What's wrong with me?

Okay...enough beating myself up. At least I know I'm not the only one who struggles with this. Right? (Please nod here.) 

As Joyce Meyer encourages, I want to enjoy the journey of life instead of letting it rush past me in a hectic blur. So today I would love some advice on what you do to slow the pace.  

Any tips to shutting off your brain for some genuine resting time? Any favorite Bible verses that especially encourage you in this area?

Oh...and if you can relate, you'll want to hop on over to my friend Holly Magnuson's blog, FAVORITE CHRISTIAN BOOKS, where she is giving away a copy of Madily in Love. If there's one "person" who knows chaos and disorder, it's Madi McCall! 


Robin Steinweg said...


You are spot on with my prayers and feelings today! Even to your description of sitting at the computer, writing blogs (mine will launch soon), social networking, working on my novel... Frenetic pace, mind tumbling on "extra dry."

God's Word has plenty to say about resting in Him. But today, He sent a friendly reminder through you! Thanks so much.

Unknown said...

Balance? Oh, the hardest of them all!

Lynda Lee Schab said...

So glad it ministered to you, Robin. And yes...finding balance is sooo hard, Ang! Thanks for stopping by to read and comment. :-)