Friday, October 12, 2007



I won a copy of Camy Tang's debut novel, "Sushi for One?"

Camy and her book have been getting lots of buzz and I absolutely can't wait to read her novel. It's labeled as chick lit, but, according to Camy, it only has some of the chick lit elements. Whatever! It sounds great to me.

Here's an excerpt taken from Camy's website:

Book #1: Sushi for One? (September2007)

Sports-crazy Lex Sakai isn’t too worried about “winning” the unofficial family title “Oldest Single Female Cousin” when her cousin Mariko marries in a few months. Her control-freak grandma is easy to ignore, until Grandma issues an ultimatum—if Lex can’t find a date for Mariko’s wedding, her ruthless Grandma will cut off funding to the girls’ volleyball team that Lex coaches.

Lex isn’t about to look desperate by dating every player in the dugout. She comes up with a stringent list of requirements from her Ephesians Bible study in her search for The Perfect Man. She always wins in volleyball—if she ups her game, she’s sure to succeed.

Then her brother introduces her to non-Christian, non-athletic, no-immediate-physical-appeal Aiden.

Aiden’s on the rebound from a girl named Trish, who dumped him because he wasn't Christian. Then he discovers that Lex is 1) not attracted to him at all, 2) Christian, and 3) Trish's cousin. No way is he hooking up with anyone from that crazy family, much less another hypocritical Christian chick. He's certainly not masochistic.

Time is running out for Lex, and no matter what she does, she can’t find the right guy. Especially when she keeps running into Aiden everywhere. If only the list would stop getting longer and longer...

Does this book sound awesome or what?

Once I finish reading Sushi for One I'll try to post a review. In the meantime, if you can't wait and want to pick up a copy for yourself, go to or

Or, for more about Camy Tang, visit:


Camy Tang said...

Wow, now I really hope you like the book! :)


Ceci LaBarge said...

I like your blog! I'll be checking it often.

Gracie said...

Hi! I came to your blog from CeCi's blog and I am so glad I did! There is so much to see and do here :).
We have a few things in common besides both loving Jesus! I wrote a book that was just published and released this past July. It is our family's story about our daughter who had Guillain Barre and suddenly became totally paralyzed. It is not a "poor us" book by any means. It is a book that I pray brings hope and healing to all who read it. I never thought I would be an author but now I know God can and will do anything!!
Also, I go to Res life in Grand Haven but went to Res in Grandville for years. Angela Degraaf (Ken Renyolds assistant and plays keys, and sometimes sings) is a very dear friend of mine. Anyway, I am going to check out, it looks fun!
Have a super day!
~Amy Kuncaitis