Thursday, January 1, 2009

I am a New Years Resolutionist!

I am joining the millions of other New Year's Resolutionists (cool word, isn't it?) who is setting a few goals for myself to strive for in 2009. Hey...goals are great! And the Bible talks about many times. Jump on over to this link to see just a few places in the Bible where goals are mentioned.

Anyway, some of my resolutions this year are repeats (because I didn't meet them last year!) and some are brand spanking new. Some are writing related and some are not. And some I know I'll meet, some I'm not so sure. But, to keep myself accountable, I am posting them here for all to see. Feel free to post your goals here, too! We need to keep each other in line!

So here they are. My goals for 2009:

1. Read through the Bible in a year. I've never done this before and I really want to go for it. More than anything, I NEED to do this. I'll come clean and admit my relationship with God hasn't been the closest it's ever been and it's time for that to change. I'm prepared...bought myself the One Year Chronological Bible. My church is also doing THE STORY on Wednesday nights, where we'll be reading through the Bible as one seamless story. So there are plenty of opportunities to meet this goal. And I can't wait to get started!

2. Lose 40 pounds. Yes, that same 40 pounds I meant to lose last year. Actually, it's gone up from 30 to 40 pounds but really, what's the difference? Either way, it's a lot of weight. But, more than lose the poundage, I want to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

3. Finish my second novel. I'm up to almost 7,000 words so far. This January, I'm participating in JanWriMo (an alternative to NaNoWriMo) so I should get a good jump-start on this goal. This is the novel I will be entering in the Genesis contest this year. Which brings me to...

4. Attend the ACFW Conference. Really, really wanted to go last year when I was a Genesis finalist but wasn't able to attend. Really, really, want to go this year. But it really, really isn't up to me. Circumstances, finances, and other factors will help determine whether or not I'll meet this goal. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed and sending up lots of prayers.

5. Get an Agent. Wouldn't that be cool?

6. Keep up on my Blog. I've actually surprised myself and have been meeting this goal already. But if I don't keep it on my list, I might slack off. That accountability thing. Two to three posts per week is totally doable.

7. Be a better wife and mom. I know...could I get any more vague? No, I don't have any specific steps I'm going to take to do this, but I do hope to spend more time talking to/listening to my kids, keep the house cleaner, and date my husband more. Which probably means spending less time on the computer and sleeping. Of course, if I eat better, get some exercise, and lose weight, I won't be so tired all the time, which will result in more energy for my family. One way I can reconnect more often with my family is if I...

8. Cook More. This could go along with the "lose 40 pounds" goal, since many of my 40 pounds could probably go bye-bye simply by waving to fast food restaurants as I drive by instead of squealing into the parking lot like an addict every time I glimpse those golden arches, the girl in the weird red braids, or that big honkin' bell. I'm so weak. Which brings me to my final resolution...

9. Be more disciplined. Oy. This goal is going to really take some discipline! In fact, every one of the previous 7 goals will take focus and discipline, which I've never had a lot of. But this year will be different! You know why? Because last year I turned 40! Which means...well, I don't know what it means(besides 'that I'm old'). But come on. At 40, I should at least be mature enough and have my head on straight enough to meet a few little goals.

So there you have it. My nine goals for 2009. Post your goals in the comments or point me towards a list you've put together on your blog. Let's make 2009 a year we can look back on and say we were successful resolutionists! (LOVE that word!).

Happy goal setting (and keeping!)


king's kid said...

Love the word resolutionist! Excellent goals. Some of mine are similar to yours. Getting back into the word and reading through the bible, spending more quality time with God. Learning to listen and not talk so much!!(Difficult one) Finishing a daily reading aimed at young women. (my 3 girls being my primary target. Aged 31,30 and 26.) Then excercising myself and my two faithful shepherds more. I've also had it whispered in my ear that 2009 might bring me a much awaited grandchild!!!
Lotsa love and btw I also want to start blogging everyday.

Catrina Bradley said...

I'm hoping 45 is finally old enough to practice some discipline. ;) Great goals, Lynda! I'm still thinking through mine.

Lynda Schab said...

Catrina-looking forward to reading those goals! Norms...great resolutions! And too cool about the (possible) grandchild! Keep me posted!

Dara said...

I definitely hear you on #8. I really don't like cooking at all but I figure it would probably be a good idea to at least once or twice a week cook something other than that which comes from a box :P I don't need to lose weight, but I should be eating better.

My other huge goal this year is to get my book edited--after finishing the first draft of course.

Sharlyn Guthrie said...

You have some great resolutions, and I have no doubt you'll keep them, or at least make some good progress on them. What a super, successful 2008 you've had!! And by successful, I mean you have really glorified God through the gifts He has given you. I pray 2009 brings even more blessings.

Thanks for reading and commenting on my non-resolution article. I'm certainly not opposed to resolution making, and I definitely believe in setting's so cool how God deals with us individually, confirming His plan for us through Scripture and other sources. I love the verses you shared from Hebrews.