Monday, March 15, 2010

Winners of the Phoenix Rattler-does your story have bite? contest

Several months ago, I found out I was a double finalist in the Phoenix Rattler - does your story have bite? contest. The winners have been announced and, as you read on my previous post, it wasn't exactly how I hoped it would turn out, but after the initial disappointment wore off, and after a half gallon of ice cream, it's all good! I really am thrilled to have been a double finalist and don't take it for granted at all.

I have to give a special shout-out to my friends and fellow finalists, Michelle Shocklee, Susan Miura, and Deb Anderson. WOOT!

So here is the complete list of winners. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Contemporary Fiction
1st Place SEASON OF SURRENDER by Mary Proctor
2nd Place ROMANCE ON A DISTANT RIVER by Lee Carver
3rd place SURVIVING CARMELITA by Susan Miura

Historical Fiction
First Place BEYOND A RIVER by Michelle Shocklee
Second Place NIGHTSHADE by Debra E Marvin
Third place THE SAMURAI'S HEART by Walt Mussell

Young Adult
First Place THE WISHING SEA by Durga Walker
Second Place CALEUCHE REDEMPTION by Colleen Shine Phillips
Third place TALE OF A MAN by Deborah Anderson

Fantasy/Allegory/Science Fiction
First Place COUNTING TESSA by Tina Pinson
Second Place The Lightstone of Perlan by Dona Watson
Third Place METAMORPHISIS by Chawna Schroeder

First Place NO TURNING BACK by Katie Vorreiter
Second Place ANOTHER SUN by Katie Vorreiter
Third Place DEAD WEIGHT by Lynda Schab

Women’s Fiction
First Place THROUGH THE VALLEY by Sarah Forgrave
Second Place THREE WISHES by Lynda Schab
Third Place THE BLUE LAKE JOURNALS by Cathleen Armstrong

Now it's on to the Genesis!

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Nicole O'Dell said...

WOW! Great job, Lynda! I'm sure first place would have been fun, but what awesome recognition--in two categories!! YAY!