Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Am I the Exception to Inception?

Both of my kids saw the movie Inception when it first came out. They both claimed it was one of the best movies ever and told me I had to see it, especially on the big screen.

So, never one to pass up the opportunity to see a movie, a friend and I went to see Inception last weekend. And I have a confession.

I didn't totally get it.

Now, I consider myself pretty smart (math, science, and anything technical excluded), but I just wasn't grasping everything. I loved the concept, the visuals were fabulous, the cast was excellent, and the action was exciting. But I guess it was just too complex for my brain to comprehend.

Not that this is the first time I've left a movie theater scratching my head. There have been others I struggled to keep up with (usually political or military thrillers). Don't get me wrong, I love a great plot. I love twists and turns. But too many leave me dazed and confused, like I'm left by myself in the middle of a complex maze, with no idea where I am or how to get out. I will say that things came together a bit more at the end, but I didn't totally enjoy the show because I was too busy trying to figure everything out.

Hey, when I go to the movies, I want to rest my brain, not make it work harder.

As a writer, I sometimes feel the same way. While crafting my story, I feel as if the pieces just aren't coming together. I get frustrated and brain-weary, trying to work out the details and have it make sense. I've even wanted to - okay, I have - walked away from a project because it was just too much work.

I suppose this is why I'm better at writing character-driven stories. My strength lies in internal development and growth more than outward movement and plot. This doesn't mean, of course, that my stories have no plot, they're just not at the level of Inception.

So because I didn't gush over Inception and think it was the best! movie! ever!, I've given my kids another reason to think I'm crazy. But that's ok. Certain movies, like books, aren't for everyone. If they were, the world would be a pretty boring place.

I think I'll stick with dramas and romantic comedies - both in movie watching, reading, and writing. They may sometimes be predictable but that's not always a bad thing. In the busyness and chaos of today's world, internal reflection, fluff, and comic relief is often just what we need.

3Q's4U: What is your favorite movie genre? Which book genres do you read and write? And if you saw Inception, what did you think?


Diane said...

I probably love action/adventure movies the best. That's what I grew up on. No chick flicks for me. On the treadmill though I do love chick lit to take my mind off the sweat pooling. :O)

Jan Cline said...

I don't ever go to movies...just don't care about them I guess. Except for old classic movies that is. I have been enthralled with them since I was a kid. Jane Eyre, Rebecca, Brigadoon - I could always escape in a good historical romance. I like simple stories and that's mostly what I like to read and write. Never even heard of Inception. Guess I'm out of touch!!

Raquel Byrnes said...

I love suspense thrillers the best. I read mostly cop dramas and mysteries. I write Romantic Suspense...I guess I'm kinda all over the place.

Don't worry about Inception. I heard quite a few people say they didn't get it completely. I think I'll wait for the DVD.

Julie Jarnagin said...

I like movies that relax me - not the ones that scare me or stress me out.

Cheryl Linn Martin said...

Haven't seen Inception--doesn't really "grab" me!

I love mysteries and suspense. A little romance thrown in is great, too!

Rhonda said...

It took me quite awhile to really key into what was going on. We thought the movie was okay, but, for me, it wasn't a "must-see-again." Actually, I love a good action/suspense/mystery/shoot-em-up movie. Living with five males as I do, we don't do much Hillary Duff over here. :0

Linda Glaz said...

I'm with you on Inception and I LOVE action movies. But I slept through so much of it, it was
BORING! I like to think outside the box, but when you're so far outside you can't see the original framework, what gives? All the rest of the artsie in my family love it. Not me. A waste of my time, only good thing was the popcorn.

Lynda Schab said...

I totally agree about the popcorn, Linda! That's 75% of the reason I go to the movies at all. LoL